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“When I was standing on this stage I just felt this power…like it was magic.”

"I found the most freedom and truth in my art when I started writing my own songs.”

"I've always been drawn to the music"

HETHA is an emerging indie pop enchantress with a style that can only be described as diverse, eclectic and idiosyncratic. In 2021 she has burst onto Sydney’s original music scene giving birth to a string of singles, drawing inspiration from her musical idols Diana Ross, Ricki Lee Jones and Lily Allen.

She sketches her life in music, with honest transparency, revealing her deepest emotions and inner most struggles, not shying away from her heartbreaks nor her political and social views.

HETHA’s years spent in the theatre culminate in a captivating stage presence in the young singer and she is currently crafting the live set for her debut shows in Sydney. In 2021 HETHA has been honoured to work with producer Steve James and publicist/rock biographer Stuart Coupe, with her first two singles Alien and Arrested both charting in Triple J’s Unearthed Top 100.



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